No Contact Delivery Details

PLEASE NOTE: Delivery will now be “No Contact Delivery”, this will further protect the health & safety of our customers & delivery team.

Delivery is available 7 days a week

"No Contact Delivery" 3 simple steps:
1. Your ordered item(s) will be placed in the designated drop off location you have specified.
2. Once the driver has arrived with your item(s) & placed them where specified & returned to their vehicle, they will text you, so you know your item(s) have arrived.
3. You simply then reply to the text, so we have confirmation you have received your item(s). *This text reply will also replace the required customer signature due upon delivery.

Please Note: Once the driver has the above text reply from you, they will exit the property

Our staff & delivery team is frequently washing their hands with soap & water, using gloves & masks while preparing your order(s). We are also sanitizing work spaces & delivery vehicles after each customer order to further ensure the health & safety of our staff & customers.

Thank you for your continued support of our Small Business,
The Scottsdale Bakery Management

​Delivery Available 7 Days A Week